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Competencies National Training Institute  


   Competencies National Training Institute provides training in many areas and to cater for our other sister companies training requirements, CNTI has a long history in the market serving a wide range of programs to government, energy and financial sector.

   Good, effective training is the wisest investment any employer can make. An organization's results depend upon its people. Improvement in their performance brings success to the organization, and so it is the world over that Managers develop Organizations by continually developing their human resources

  Competencies National Training Institute are proud to play a part in this process by providing high quality development programs which make a real contribution to our clients' success.
Our training produces changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes which benefit the individual and the organization and contribute to the growth of each, both in the present and on into the future.
Our trainers will invariably be highly qualified persons with a wealth of experience in practical application of their subject in the workplace.

  We seek to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with clients who identify closely with our style and prefer their programs to be run on a continuing basis, by a specialist company who is totally committed to development of their human resources. This produces a strong supporting bond which achieves the observable and demonstrable results which organizations seek from the development process.



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